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***Special offer *** Until 31st December 2021 ***All 4 or 8 hour mentoring bookings will receive a free digital  copy of our Milliners Planner ***

I know and understand the business of being a creator, let me translate the ‘how’ to make a profitable business out of it.

After years of running my own creative millinery and retail business and endlessly searching for business mentors who truly ‘got’ what I do for a living, not just general business advisors but they didn’t seem to exist. Knowing the trials and tribulations of having a small business I decided that my experience could be used to help others who have found themselves in similar situations looking for a suitable mentor as I did myself! I have now launched Making Money from Millinery, designed to help you succeed in your field. I have spent the time and the money making the mistakes so that you don’t have to.

‘Beverley is a great mentor, she listens, she understands, she devotes her time completely to you to give you the best advice possible, targeting to your needs and your goals. I strongly recommend working with her.’ – Giulia Mio

‘I won’t lie…I was a tad dubious about what i could gain from having a mentor, but its been the best thing I’ve done for my business and myself! I’ve been telling all of my milliner friends to contact Beverley. I think it’s clear that she not only has a wealth of experience herself, but is also very good at trouble shooting & giving creating ideas to questions that arise. All in all… the mentoring sessions with Beverley are worth every penny, irrelevant of where you are in your current business journey.’ – Katie Vale

My expertise covers:

  • Millinery
  • Creative Makers wanting a commercial business
  • Independent retail
  • Have you got, or do you want a millinery or creative business but struggling to take it to the next level?
  • Have you got a business idea, but unsure of it’s viability?
  • Struggling to make your products, market them and sell them, but desperate not to give up the creative side?
  • Are you a milliner struggling to gain traction with the right clients and capturing the price point that you deserve?
  • Have you got a retail shop that you are so busy stuck in the day to day that you’ve lost sight of the bigger picture, struggling to gain more footfall and compete against the internet?

All these stumbling points and many more can be covered in my programmes.

Online 1-2-1 skype services (available to anyone anywhere in the world):

  • 1 hour business booster – Designed to get you unstuck and inspired to move forward in your business – £120
  • 4x 1 hour strategy and implementation mentoring – £450
  • 8x 1hour strategy and implementation mentoring – £720

My experience includes:

  • Knowledge in both wholesale and retail platforms
  • Styling and brand projection
  • Understanding the restrictions of man power, money and time in small business
  • Sourcing materials and products
  • In house, home working, national and international manufacturing over many different product lines
  • Staff recruitment, management and HR in a small business
  • What consumers want and the story they see in a retail environment

‘There are a ton of mentors out there who built six-figure businesses just on coaching, so they’re not likely to be able to offer advice on a niche industry like millinery. The wonderful thing about Beverley is that she knows the millinery business because she’s in it! Talking with Beverley was so helpful. She gave me some tough love and asked probing questions. I am now rethinking multiple areas of my business and am developing a plan to work on growing my brand as a result of her insights. Beverley is a lovely person to work with. Meetings with her feels more like a fascinating conversation with a trusted friend than a lecture from an intimidating teacher’ -Kristin Siverman

Why not become accountable to me to keep your business on track, to share your issues and find your way through to a successful business.

  • Do you want to understand the importance of Branding, marketing and time management?
  • Do you need to understand your costs and pricing?
  • Do you just want a support ear and gentle guidance?
  • Do you want to make more money from your business?
  • Are you at a loss trying to find, attract and target your customer and seem invisible to them?
  • Do you feel alone and out of your depth?
  • Do you need to be held accountable for your actions to stop procrastination and start taking action?
  • Is there something you need to do in your business but your own fear or lack of knowledge in that area holds you back?

‘I can remember being impressed on our first meeting, with her creativity, passion and focus for her business. She has clarity and drive that is inspiring……Beverley has helped me put some order into my thinking and the way I focus within my own business. giving me a sense of achievement rather than feeling so overwhelmed. Setting goals so that I can see my progression had been incredibly satisfying. with an understanding of running a creative business of her own, Beverley has shared personal experience and suggested ways I didn’t even know about to encourage me and help develop my own creative business. Beverley has so much drive and dedication beyond her years.’ – Marsha Hall

‘The sessions were great with Beverley as she is a wealth of information and being a Milliner and running her own business she completely understands running your own business making hats. I now feel so much more confident about my business and myself I can now see how to move it up to the next level. I now have a lot of inspiration to work on my business as well as working in it. The best thing about my mentoring sessions was that Beverley did encourage me to step out of my comfort zone.  I feel much better about promoting myself on social media. One important aspect has been how to work out a pricing structure. Business mentoring like this as it is aimed at the creative person who can get overwhelmed stuck in their business making by themselves and not quite seeing a vision forward. The mentoring brings you out of yourself to give you more confidence to enjoy what you do and to work on strategies to grow your business. I now feel my journey is progressing and at this I feel really excited.’ – Anya Morris


For any further information we have more information on our mentoring services here  Or please get in touch, we will happily offer you a free introductory chat to see if mentoring is right for you and for you to find out more.

Please note all sessions must be taken within 1 Year of Purchase.

If you are purchasing multiple hours, to get the most out of your mentoring we would advise a zoom call every 4-6 weeks to keep you on track and focused to reach your business goals.

Sessions can be booked throughout the week including evenings to suit both of our schedules. – will will be in touch to arrange your sessions and provide you with a pre session questionnaire after purchase.


1 x Hour Business Mentoring, 4 x Hour Business Mentoring, 8 x Hour Business Mentoring

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