The Making of ‘Trixies’ Wedding Hat in Call Midwife

Last year we were honoured to be approached to make a very important piece of millinery for the series finale of Call the midwife series 12.

For Call the Midwife fans, the wedding of one of the key characters throughout the series Trixie, was a long awaited pivotal moment for the show.

The style for the 1960’s look was inspired by the likes of Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn in the beautiful famous Givenchy gown.

We were given the same beautiful brocade fabric, with textured raised finish and the smallest hint of sparkle that the wedding dress was made of.

After testing the sizes and shapes of pillboxes and making a couple of mock ups, 3 final pillboxes were made in total, one with a veil, one without and one for the hair department to practice hair styles with whilst we were finishing the final pieces. The veil was painstakingly cut to the right length and the perfect curve at the bottom.

Alongside this we also were given several vintage hats to reshape and refresh for wedding guests to wear in the scenes.

See below for a few before and after photos

We also had the pleasure of visiting the set for a fitting with ‘Trixie’ (Helen George) to check the size and depth of the pillbox and the length of the veil, it looked perfect on her and seeing behind the scenes of how the program was made was a really lovely moment for us.

It was an honour to work with such a great costume team, creating this iconic 60’s inspired piece and worth all the fighting with metres of tulle to create the perfect veil.

We were also be spoilt by lots of lovely coverage in the media regarding the TV wedding of the year including the front page of the Radio Times when the episode aired at the end of February. And what a joy it was seeing ‘Trixie’ walk down the aisle in the millinery we made for her.

Watch the episode here:

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