Why is it important to bring your whole outfit with you when looking for your perfect hat?

Why you should take your outfit with you when hat shopping.

Sometimes clients arrive without their outfit, or with just photos and small swatches, whilst we will always do our best with the references we have it can be hard to be sure that it is absolutely the right piece of millinery for you and your outfit.

We can help you do a much better job and give more advice and guidance if we see the full outfit, we can advise of course on bags, shoes, wraps and jackets that maybe suitable as well if you don’t already have them, but seeing the main part of your outfit (and the accessories if you have them) will aid the process much more than you may think.

  1. There is so much more to choosing a hat design than whether it suits you or not, it also needs to compliment your outfit. It needs to frame and compliment your whole look, things like the fabric type, the cut of a dress, the way it hangs on you and details such as necklines will all make huge differences to the final design. A hat is part of creating a whole outfit.
  2. If your not used to wearing hats it can be very difficult to envisage wearing a hat whilst in your jeans and a t-shirt. by putting on your outfit when trying hats you will help you get into the right mindset and be able to make a better choice.
  3. Photographs do not clearly show colour accurately, it will depend on the lighting when the image was taken and every screen will show colours differently so we would be unable to accurately colour match from photographs.
  4. Small swatches don’t clearly show full colour and texture, especially silks and patterned fabrics, or dresses with a lining, meaning you could end up selecting something that isn’t completely right. We have seen swatches that ‘could’ go with several hats, to find out when we see the outfit in real life, that none of them actually match and something we hadn’t considered works!
  5. Just bringing a jacket or a shoe to colour match can sometimes be deceiving, once we get down into details you may find that if you had the rest of the outfit with you, you may have other options.
  6. Most people have some idea of what they want in there head before they visit, however we often suggest alternative ideas, such as colours that may better suit your skin tone, which without your outfit you may struggle to piece our visions together.
  7. Colours are incredibly difficult to hold in your head…..you’ll find that out the moment we show you 3 different fuchsia pinks and your trying to remember which one your outfit is!
  8. We are not mind readers, when you describe an outfit we may envisage something totally different to you.
  9. Never trust a colour by its name, for example we have seen dresses labelled as ‘oyster’ be anything from: white, ivory, cream, pink, taupe, brown, lilac, beige, grey. Everyone will have a different interpretation of what a colour is called, the only way to be sure they align is to have the colour with you and to match by eye.
  10. With patterned outfits, sometimes the best colour might not be pulling out one of the colours in the pattern and matching it exactly. Sometimes choosing colour that doesn’t match but tones with the overall pattern can pull everything together better.
  11. With your outfit we can explore all options fully. Without it we won’t be able to give full advice or opinions as we won’t have the full picture to be able guide and advise you.
  12. It may just save you from having to make a second visit….with your outfit!

we look forward to seeing you soon.


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